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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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fbi. as the investigation expands here and raw emotion from survivors locked in the building as the attacks started to unfold. >> we will leave no stone unturned. >> an update from federal agents as they continue the terror investigation in san bernardino. >> we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. >> reporter: earlier today the sister of syed farook was silent as she left a custody hearing for his 6-month-old daughter. the father of the alleged terrorist spoke out telling an italian magazine his son became, quote, obsessed with israel and shared isis leader al baghdadi's ideology to create an islamic state in the months before farook and his wife tashfeen malik killed 14 and wounded 21 during the massacre at the inland regional center. >> all of us were crying. what's happening? there are people dead. >> reporter: they were trap
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inside the center. >> i'm just holding their hands and i'm just praying out loud because right then and there i thought this is it. this is it. we're -- we're gone. we're definitely gone. >> reporter: their prayers answered as tactical officers guided them to safety. still, the fear and loss lingers. >> we will get through this day by day, minute by minute if we need to, but we will heal. >> reporter: those minutes and days so difficult right now for survivors and this grieving community. >> reporter: a community that will come together later this eaching wh evening when thousands are expected to turn out for a candlelight vigil. i'm jay gray. >> thanks, jay. one day after president bush outlined his plan to defeat isis, donald trump is calling for a drastic step. he says he wants a temporary, but total and complete shutdown
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of all muslims entering the united states. steve handelsman at the white house now with reaction to all of that, steve some. >> reporter: reaction was swift here at the white house, jim. josh earnest says that's not a real proposal. that's trump playing to the dark side of our nation. trump in making his statement late this afternoon cited research that trump said shows that a large -- that large session ams of the muslim population have great hatred towards americans and trump said we should have a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until trump said, our country's representatives can figure out what's going on. earlier today josh ernest said president obama's happy with how the speech went last night. he believes it's the political enemies that was too short on specifics, but a specific new kind of terror alert system that can help counter that criticism is not yet ready.
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a new alert system was in the works before san bernardino, a plan to get more help from ordinary americans. said homeland security secretary jeh johnson. >> i believe that we need to do a better job of informing the public at large of what we we are seeing and what we're doing about it and what we're asking the public to do. >> reporter: for example, word could go out like an amber alert if, say, u.s. intelligence picks up that a ball game might be targeted says a former assistant fbi director. >> it might encourage people who wouldn't ordinarily come forward to say i heard something about sporting events and here's something at a sporting event that's unusual. >> reporter: but he did not detail his new alert system much like president obama last night >> we will destroy isil and any other organization that tries to harm us. >> reporter: looking at tashfeen malik and her husband syed farook. >> we shouldn't have let this woman in from saudi arabia or
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pakistan. >> reporter: ted cruz calls the president misguided. >> they're not focused on radical islamic terrorists. obama will not use the word radical islamic terrorist. >> reporter: because mr. obama wants it clear the u.s. is not at war with islam. as for some kind of a brand new amber alert-style specific terror alert, top aides here confirm that a new notification system is at the white house, but has not been finalized. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> thank you, steve. the suspect at a stabbing in a london underground station reportedly had isis-related images on his cell phone. prosecutors labeled the attack an act of terrorism. he slashed a passenger's neck allegedly while screaming this is for syria. >> the victim is expected to survive, prosecutors say the assailant's cell phone contained images of the paris terror
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attacks as well as a police anti-terrorism training exercise. british warplanes began bombing isis targets in syria late last week. >> back here at home, youay have noticed increased security on metro. after the paris terror attack last month, metrotransity police expanded the use of random bag checks. what that means is you might be asked to turn over your bags or packages so officers can test them for signs of explosive residue. metro has stepped up patrols and put more officers on the busses and the trains. >> breaking news in spotsylvania county, mysterious discovery outside a man's house. a woman dead in a car and now police say it was murder. the body of heather chacon was found in somebody else's driveway last night. the homeowner called sheriff's deputies about 11:00. chacon suffered what's described as trauma to the upper body. the medical examiner is working
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to determine exactly how she died. shomari stone on the scene and working to gather more details on that. new at 6:00 tonight, we're hearing from a man shot on his porch during a wild spray of gun fire this afternoon. innocent bystander tried to get away from a carjacking underway on newcomb street southeast. moments ago he spoke to our pat collins. how is he doing? >> reporter: he's doing fine, pat. shot and wounded at 1:30, back home at 6:00. a close call here on newcomb street. >> lucky. i'm real lucky. >> reporter: keith young just got home tonight and boy, is he lucky to be here. you see, this afternoon he was shot and wounded during a carjacking on newcomb street southeast. mr. young was an innocent bystander. he saw the gun and he tried to run -- well, why don't we let him tell the story. >> reporter: you started to run. >> yeah.
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>> and then you got hit in the leg. >> yeah. >> where? >> in the left leg. >> it went in and out. >> then you went in the house and called 911. they were here in two to five minutes. >> what do you make of this, man? >> it's just a mean city. we've got to get better. >> reporter: scared? >> i ain't scared. >> reporter: are you going to be all right? >> god is good. >> reporter: another victim. another reel of police tape, another shooting investigation. how dangerous is newcomb street southeast? look at the signs on the buildings and listen to the people who live here. >> is there a lot of crime on this street? >> oh, definitely. yeah. it's like syria and iraq around here. >> reporter: a lot of trouble. >> it never stop, honestly. >> gun fire? >> yes, sir. i just heard some friday they
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were shooting out here. >> reporter: and then today. >> and today, yes. so it's getting too close for comfort for me. >> it's horrible around here. it's really horrible. it's horrible. it's not safe. >> reporter: tonight no sign of that stolen toyota forerunner. no sign of the carjacking suspect. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. thanks, pat. there's a new poll out that shows the shake-up in the republican race in iowa. ted cruz in first place, monmouth university poll shows crews with a five-point lead over donald trump and a serv seven-point lead over marco rubio. we should note a new cnn poll released today shows trump leading cruz in iowa by 13 points. the university of maryland president is asking the board of regents to change the name of byrd stadium. opponents of the stadium's name say former university president
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h.c. curly byrd had racist andy is reg asianist views. the current president wallace lowe is recommending the name to maryland stadium. if approved, byrd's legacy would be legacy in one of the main librarie libraries. did you know there is a football game tonight? did you know it's december and it matters? right now washington fans and dallas fans all descending on fedex field. here's a look at the traffic right now about two hours away from kickoff. it doesn't look horrible. certainly, i've seen worse than that. burgundy and gold in fafirst place. we'd like to stay there. carol maloney live in fedex field. how are we looking? >> we're looking good. the redskins back in prime time facing the cowboys and about two and a half hours away. some people hear the redskins in prime time and they think uh-oh,
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it's a head scratcher since joe gibbs left, four wins and 18 losses on the national stage. kirk cousin, he's looking for his first w as the starter in prime time game and he says his team had to prove ems thises over and over this season and tonight is no different. >> you know, we haven't been great under the big spotlight the last couple of years, butty woo haven't been great in a lot of situations in the last couple of years. >> it's much better when you're playing for something and the game means something in the standings. it's a whole new sense of joy and sense of pride and sense of urgency, really. >> reporter: ryan kerrigan, one of the first players to arrive. you can hear they're striking up the band and the determined looks on the players' faces as they're trickling out. the energy and the intensity is starting to get amped up here at fedex field as the redskins get ready to take on the cowboys. jim, back to you.
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>> thanks, carol. a second police shooting in chicago, but charges will not be filed in this case. why the decision is prompting more calls for protests. fears of gang activity spreading to a particular suburban area of virginia. we'll tell you more as neighbors and police are trying to figure out what happened with two murders in area parks. a cancer-causing gas found in local classrooms. hear about the message to parents who are concerned about their kids' safety. temperatures that could come close to records at least within a few degrees. temperatures going
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it was a bold robbery attempt after a jewelry show in virginia, but the victims were able to get away. two businessmen had been showing diamonds and other jewels at a trunk show in the tyson's area yesterday. as they were leaving the event two masked men pulled in front of their vehicle and pointed a gun at them. the victim put his car in reverse and fled. the suspects also got away. >> cell phone video shows someone smashing a jewelry case in a california mall. three masked thieves used axes and hammers to shatter the glass and steal the jewelry. this happened last night in riverside, less than 20 miles
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from san bernardino. people inside the mall confused. the sound of gun fire leading to chaos and the mall being locked down. >> i told myself i wasn't going to go to any malls or any movie theaters with all of this thinking of the potential for other terrorist-type activity, but i told myself i wasn't going to let it stop me, and i decided to go out to the mall tonight and then this happened so, yeah, i think tensions are high. >> customers and employees had to shelter in place while police swept the mall and they weren't able to find the suspects. the story of a mother who abandoned her daughter to commit mass murder. >> the picture of tashfeen malik is a bit blurry, but it is slowly coming into focus. there is a photo as she arrived for the first time with her husband, syed rizwan farook. nbc news crews are on the ground in pakistan trying to learn more about her. we have learned that she was a
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deeply religious woman who studied pharmaceutical science at a prestigious university. she also went to a religious school, usually in the evening for about a year. university officials say they did not see any signs of radicalism. >> we came to know that she was like any other normal student. there was nothing special to be noted by the teachers. >> fbi officials said today that malik and her husband had both become radicalized and that evidence suggests they had been that way for some time. it is not yet clear, though, which of the two took the lead in that terror plot. our team coverage continues on nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. that comes up right after this broadcast. >> now a story that's not getting a lot of attention. it involves a local police officer doing a good deed and helping needy people in the community. what inspired this d.c. police officer to help others during the holidays.
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>> officer juanita graham started with the d.c. police department as a cadet in high school. 25 years later she's still with the department, currently assigned to truancy patrol. she was inspired by another police officer she saw handing out care packages to the homeless. >> she would carry around these zip lock bags with different type of toiletries and snacks for the homeless. i saw her initiative and she kind of planted the seed. >> since last month, graham has started each shift by delivering to homeless residents she encounters. each bag has a scarf, glove a hat and toiletries, fresh food and a handwritten card. >> there is a little something special in the card for you. >> graham takes the time to get to know each person and make sure they read her card. >> shine even brighter for you this christmas, officer graham. >> thank you. >> you are so welcome. >> graham's 12 days of giving
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impact those that get the care package. >> it's my partner. it makes me feel really good. >> it makes you come up with other ideas for yourself to help other people. >> those moments impact her as well. >> emotional because we have so much and we take so much for granted, and i hope that i never end up like that, but that someone would reach out and care for me. >> hopefully that will help you make it through the night and you can get you maybe some hot chocolate or some coffee, okay? i wish you well. i'll keep you in my prayers okay? all right. >> in the district, mark seeing rave, news 4. now your storm team 4 forecast. and that forecast nice and warm over the next couple of days. not just warm, but hot compared to where we should be at this time of year. first off today, another perfect day outside and temperatures into the 50s and a great day to get out there to the u.s. botanic gardens. these are trains weaving in and
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out of the plants. they call it pollination station. this runs through january 3 d. look, there's thomas the train right now. getting on his thing there and there's live music tuesdays and thursdays if you want an even cooler experience. that is pretty cool. inside right now, temperatures are in the 50s and the average high this time of year is 49 degrees and this is the next seven days and notice each day is well above average and look at friday, saturday and sunday and not just above average and 10 to 15 degrees above average and we've got very mild air making its way in here and very warm air, and currently, 53 degrees at 8 miles per hour and normally the northern component to the wind will add cool temperatures and we're not seeing that, for the most part and we have cleared where we see the clear skies and frederick at 41 and 41 in martinsburg and the rest of us with cloud cover and cambridge down to 43 with some rain on the radar, but it's not
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going to affect the game tonight and the game should be perfect at 8:30, the kickoff and 48 degrees by 8:00 and dropping into the mid-40s by midnight tonight. it's going to be a chilly night, but not cold by december standards and here are the storm systems and we have two of them and one to the south and east and another back to the west and these showers not making their way to the ground and that's from one system and these showers is over toward the eastern shore and places like salisbury and over toward ocean city. that system continuing to move out to sea and the secondary storm system here in the upper low, that will move underneath the first one and both of those moving out into the ocean and behind it, we see some nice conditions and that impact forecast tomorrow will be on the low side for sure. low sun, nice and mild as we go through the day tomorrow. if you're thinking of doing exercising, 42 degrees and dress in layers, nice and cool, plenty
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of sunshine and a nice day to take lunch outdoors and you can't say that very often and it looks good for that and we're talking about temperatures of 56 degrees and here are the temperatures for the rest of the area and kull pepper in fredericksburg and 55 toward annapolis. now look at the weather over the next few days. 56 tomorrow and 57 on your wednesday and here come the 60s on thursday and friday. 62 at -- on thursday and 64 degrees coming up on friday and as i mentioned close to records as we make our way into the weekend. i've got the weekend forecast coming up for you at 6:45. two murders. the bodies of both victims found in local parks. neighbors are on edge about possible gaj violence in a quiet northern virginia community. ahead, i'll tell you how the defense of one baltimore police officer on trial in the death of freddie gray is now blaming
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newly released dash cam video shows yet another deadly police-involved shooting in chicago, but in that case, prosecutors will not see krim fall charges against the officer. the annouement comes as the federal government is launching a civil rights investigation into the chicago police
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department. nbc's wendy willfork reports the mayor welcomes the investigation. >> for the second time in less than two week, the release of another dash cam video showing a chicago police officer fatally shooting a black suspect and another controversial decision. >> it is our determination that no criminal charges should be filed in this case. >> this time the on-duty officer will not face criminal charges for the death of ronald johnson. prosecutors say johnson was armed with a gun and was resisting arrest, justifying the use of force unlike laquan being mcdonald. it sparked protests and calls for the resignation of the mayor and the ousting of the city's top cop. >> the suspicion and hostility is allowed to fester. it can erupt into unrest. >> unrest throughout the city and growing mistrust of the police prompted the justice
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department to open an investigation into the practices of the chicago police department. >> we will exane a number of issues related to the chicago's police department's use of force including its use of deadly force. >> while mayor rahm emanuel said a federal civil rights investigation would be, quote, misguided, after today's announcement he took a more accommodating tone. >> we we'll come it and chicago as a city will be better for it. >> we accept it and we need it. >> a divided community looking and waiting for more answers. wendy willfork, nbc news, chicago. i'm julie carey in alexandria where some residents are on edge after two men were killed in the same area. we'll meet a grandmother who has decided to arm herself. a shake-up in the freddie
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gray case. she had no choice, but to rule gray's death a homicide. >> a cancer-causing gas found in dozens of local schools. >> i was very upset. the message to parents as officials explain why the problem may extend beyond e classroom. >> and the rivalry is decades old now. it's at fedex field tonight, the son, the holiday season'sht, the just like football season...
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now at 6:30, we are working new leads on several local stories including the shake-up in the freddie gray case, also a look at the expanded testing after a dangerous gas was detected in montgomery county classrooms. >> but we begin in northern virginia where residents are on edge about possible gang violence and bodies showing up in parks. two murders just weeks apart ended with the victims in popular parks. there are no arrests in either case and a lot of people are wondering what's going on. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us near the most recent murder. julie? >> most of the folks i spoke to up and down this block weren't willing to share comments on camera with me, most fearful that gang violence might be involved in the killings. the gang prevention coordinator is offering his advice for how
6:31 pm
families can stay safe. >> the bodies of two young men found in two popular parks only about a mile apart. the most recent discovery was made last friday, just walking dift rance from deborah monroe's town home. >> i was just in shock. i won't let my grandchildren out of the yard. i won't let them in the yard at night. >> she's also purchased some protection now in the form of this taser. >> it is scary. you don't know if there is a reason why the boy was killed. some say it was gang related, but you don't know. >> reporter: in a nearby convenience store we spotted in collection box. 22-year-old edwarda almendares. his family hopes to raise enough money to return his body to the home country of honduras. it was the family of jose luis perez who did the same kind of fund-raising after his body was found nearby beverly park. there is nothing to indicate that the cases are connected or
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that gang activity is involved. joe rigati is the gang prevention coordinator and he was set to meet with a group of neighborhood parents last friday hours after the first victim was discovered. his goal, empowering parents to make a call or tap into community resources. >> if there is something going on in the neighborhood that's not right, hey, pick up the phone and call the police. if there is an issue with their children's school attendance or grades. pick up the phone and this is the social worker's number. >> the gang prevention coordinator tells me in addition for looking for changes in their kid's behavior, they need to pay attention to what their children are wearing and are they suddenly dressing in all one color and keep an eye on their personal belongings and books for any signs of graffiti and that is an obvious red flag. >> back to you now, vance in the studio. >> thanks. ? red frederick county, one person
6:33 pm
killed and two others injured in an apartment fire. it happened on west main street in emmettsburg. the three victims were trapped in the building and had to be pulled out by the firefighters. one of them died and two others were taken to the hospital. no word tonight on what started that fire. that apartment is about a mile away from the national fallen firefighters's memorial. >> a mental health expert will take part in the high-profile trial of jesse matthew who is charged with murder and abduction. today a judge will appoint the defense, he diagnosed charles severance with schizophrenia. he was charged in the death of anna graham and accused in the death ever morgan hairing torn. attorneys for the first officer charged in the death of freddie gray are trying to prove that he didn't cause gray's death. the defense team tried to prove that the injuries happened before officer william porter arrived at the scene.
6:34 pm
news 4's chris gordon reports on today's testimony. >> at the trial of police officer william porter, a neurosurgeon was asked if freddie gray could have injured himself by knocksing had head against the wall of the police van. dr. soriano testified he could not have. it is not possible. prosecutors blame william porter for failing to restrain gray in the van with the seat belt leading to his broken neck, but one court observer, a nurse who worked with spinal cord injury patients thinks freddie gray was injured when he was arrested. >> i knew when they picked him up off the ground that there was a spinal cord injury. >> reporter: they contend when reporters saw freddie gray lying face down asking for help, he told the van driver officer cesar goodson that gray needed to be driven immediately to the hospital. defense lawyers asked the assistant medical examiner carol allen if goodson had driven freddie gray to the hospital you wouldn't have considered gray's
6:35 pm
death a homicide. the medical examiner responded that's correct. porter's lawyers are shifting the blame to officer goodson who faces the most serious charge, second-degree murder. he is scheduled to go on trial in january. >> confusion is something that the defense lawyer wants a jury to feel. >> they're throwing many different ideas here and at this point i would be surprised if they weren't some members of the jury who say we don't really know what happened. >> reporter: one member of the jury was excused today for a medical emergency and a black female replaced by an alternate, but it should not affect the outcome of the case. another development, the defense this evening asked for a mistrial saying that the prosecution never revealed the police document in which freddie gray complained that he had a bad back and that was in march a month before he suffered a fatal spinal injury in police
6:36 pm
transport. the request for mistrial was denied, but the judge ruled the defense can use that information as evidence. that's the latest, live in baltimore, jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. >> a woman caught on video groping and dancing up against a man in d.c. is now out of jail. her name is ayanna knight. she pledded guilty to misdemeanor sexual abuse after this incident in october. today a judge gave her a six-month suspended sentence and six months' probation. the victim says the two women followed him outside and tried to stop him from getting into his car. he noticed a group of men standing nearby and says he thought he was getting set up to be robbed. a hidden danger in local classrooms. the new message to parents after elevated levels of a toxic gas were found in some schools. cow girls are coming to town. some folks in town are talking
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december 7, 1941, president franklin res velt called it a day which will live in infamy. it is the day that japan vaulted the united states into the second world war with a surprise attack at the u.s. naval base in pearl harbor, hawaii. more than 2,000 americans were killed. more than a thousand wounded on that day. the day after the attack president roosevelt asked congress to declare war on japan and within an hour of his speech congress, in fact, passed a formal declaration of war. today the military honored those who died at pearl harbor. >> there is a ceremony at the world war ii memorial. veterans from world war ii were there and as tom sherwood report, one, a 96-year-old vet had a very important vet for all
6:40 pm
americans. [ "taps" ] >> a reeth lwreath laying by lin of lake charles, louisiana. the star-spangled banner, the crowd honoring the thousands of dead and wounded in pearl harbor, 1941. among them, 96-year-old retired lieutenant colonel, a lebanese-american born in cape may new jersey. >> i don't know how more american you can be. the thing that hits me on pearl harbor. i remember when it was announced on the radio. initially, we didn't believe it. >> reporter: shehab now lives near fort mead. he remembers that call to duty. >> drafted, enlisted? >> no. no. i enlisted. i don't believe in the draft. i feel when the country's in trouble you go.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: even at 96 shehab keeps up with the news. he says america needs to unite to fight modern threats. we're all americans, not arab or irish or anything else as we are today. we've been separated. >> reporter: yet he remains confident of america. >> are you optimistic for this country? this country is unbelievable. as long as we remain that way and remain one, they'll never get us. >> reporter: and he sounded like he'd suit up if he could. tom sherwood, news 4. next, a dangerous combination during the holidays. what you need to know to keep your family safe. all montgomery county schools will be testeded for radon. the interim superintendent will be making changes after parents were notified last week after elevated levels of the cancer-causing gas.
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a dramatic demonstration today that's designed to save your life. the consumer product safety commission is warning about the dangers of dry christmas trees. a dry tree burns much more quickly than one that's been watered. you're advised to make sure the needles bend and you put it in water as soon as you get it home and a reminder to be careful
6:45 pm
with menorahs as well. the advice is to keep them away from curtains and other flammable materials. >> a family in maryland knows the dangers all too well. the couple lived in annapolis. they and their four grandchildren were killed this past january after a faulty plug sparked a christmas tree fire. investigators say the tree was dry and had been watered once a week. those flames spread so quickly the family was not able to get out of their house. elevated levels of an odorless gas linked to lung cancer have been found at some montgomery county schools and soon all school buildings will be tested so officials can come up with a game plan to fix this. the culprit here is radon. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is live in bethesda. you talked to parents who are concerned about this. >> many parents say they've been concerned ever since they found out about it last week, but this weekend, the interim superintendent made the
6:46 pm
announcement that all schools in montgomery county will be tested for radon. he said the policy they have in place for the gas will be changed and he's also offering advice to both parents and faculty members. these tests showing elevated levels of radon in 28 schools were taken years ago, but parents like jamal johnson just found out. >> i was very upset and discouraged to find out that we wouldn't be provided with this information. >> brian edwards is the montgomery county school's spokesman. he said oversight on the part of district officials is to blame for parents not being informed. now he said all schools will be tested and they're reviewing their radon policy with the epa. >> we want to reassure parents that we'll hava i comprehensive raid ann testing program. >> in a letter to teachers and parents, larry bowers is encouraging parents and faculty members to test their own homes for radon. james is a master home
6:47 pm
inspector. he's been testing homes for radon for nearly three decades and says buildings in homes should be tested every three to five years. >> it's derived from uranium which is in the ground which, over every time, decays, rots, breaks down and turns into a gas. that gas is the radon gas. he's policed the school district is making changes, but he won't be completely satisfied until all schools are in compliance with the epa standards. the school district says all of the test results and the test dates will be made available on the montgomery county school's website. pat? >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you, meagan. we are exposed to low levels of radon every day. it's colorless, odorless and formed when elements like uranium break down in soil and rock and the gas breaks into your home and other buildings. the epa says one in 15 homes in this country has elevated radon lechls and extended exposure can
6:48 pm
lead to lung cancer and in fact, it's the second leading cause of lung cancer behind spoking. there are about 20,000 rad radon-related deaths this year. we've posted a story explaining what this means when radon is detected in a school and you can read it in our nbc washington app. >> a good subject to pay more attention to. >> by the way, man, did you see those pictures of pluto, were they not cool? >> oh, my goodness, gracious, that is absolutely fascinating. >> and now they've got the moons surrounding pluto. what we have been able to do is --? out of this world! >> exactly right, pat. so is this weather in december. >> we're looking at temperatures over the next seven days and five of which could be 60 degrees or about thor and that is one warm scenario playing here and last december, you had two days at 60 degrees or better and we may have 5 right now and current temperatures in the 50s. 53 degrees across the area and
6:49 pm
48 degrees at 7:00. so chilly, but this time of year, our angelo temperatures are in the 20s in most locations and average highs are at 49 and we're still above that in the d.c. area and 46 in manassas and we do have some rain on the radar, but it's not much. some showers and trying to form this not reaching the ground and where it is reaching the ground off toward the east and right on ocean city and down towards norfolk, but you can see the storm moving out to sea. we talked about it staying away from the area and that's exactly what happened. we've stayed on the dry side. look at the numbers. 38 degrees at 7:00 a.m. and it will be chilly and once again, this time of year, 45 degrees at 10:00 and 53 by one and up to 55 degrees at 4:00 after a high tomorrow of 57. we're looking very warm tomorrow and we'll continue to be on the warm side.
6:50 pm
high temperature, 56 tomorrow and 57 on wednesday and 62 on thursday, 64 on friday, 65 on saturday and 67 on sunday. sunday's record of 71 so we'll be just a few degrees shy of that. not bad. >> not bad at all. thanks, doug. >> big game tonight and we'll hear from the
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6:53 pm
the fact is a lot of people care about what's going to happen out at fedex field. carol and jason out there with a guy who cares probably more than most. folks? >> a real proud guy. >> you got that right. i can actually see him beaming over there. this is don cousins. honestly, kirk looks so much like you. >> kirk looks like me, please. i came first. >> how are you feeling about tonight? >> i feel wonderful about tonight. >> i think the team is ready, and i think kirk is ready. >> what do you say to your son before a game like that when so much is at stake. >> we pray together and i read him scripture to remind him of god's hand upon his life and not that that affirms victory and it affirms what's most important and what's inside of him as a
6:54 pm
person is what needs to come out tonight. >> it is so good to talk to you. >> he's been able to keep a level head this entire season and what's been the key to block out the distractions and everything? >> as he keeps saying to the media, he's focusing on the process and not worried about the product and he's just taking it one play at a time, one practice at a time, and one day at a time and giving us all the things he can control. >> how special was it to receive the game ball. >> it was surprising and a thrill. i'll never forget it. it was a memorable day. >> that was your first game this season. is this your second one back? >> yes. well, i came to one other, the giants game. i was at the giants game. >> okay. >> so this is the third one and the final one. >> you're a good luck charm, mr. cousins. >> well, i'll take your word for it. >> we wish you guys the best of luck. >> yes. >> thank you so much for coming over to talk to us. >> thank you for your support of
6:55 pm
kirk. he loves the fan base. >> we're becoming big fan. >> the fellas arrived at the stadium an hour ago. we'll show you video of player arriving and this is kirk cousins rocking the burgundy blazer. you know it's a prime time game when you break out the burgundy blazer and desean jackson making his way to the stadium and he missed practice on saturday due to an upper res prapiratory pro. >> tonight marks monday night football between the redskins and the cowboys ties the broncos-raiders matchup. in the seary it is tonight, redskins with eight wins and cowboys with eight wins and the last five games decided by three points or less. it may be cliche, but it is true. no love lost between these two teams and ask people who have been on both sides of this
6:56 pm
rivalry. >> both teams hate each other. i've been on the dallas side and they hate the redskins now and now i'm over here. hate dallas. hate dallas. i saw a quote say, any time you sign with the redskins you sign a contract to hate dallas. >> i'm ready. this is the first time to be in the room and i'll take it on. i saw a fan telling me, i don't care what your record is as long as you beat the cowboys twice. and i was just, like, okay, but i understand how it is. let's talk some basketball now for a moment. the wizards and lott, randy wittman with a game time decision against the miami heat. it turns out wall will play. scary sight last night and he slammed knees with jeremy evans and went down in pain and had to be helped off the floor by his teammates. whitman said wall will warm up and he's good to go against the top team in the eastern conference and the wizards
6:57 pm
tip-off against the heat at 7:30 on comcast sportsnet. >> redskins are not the only game in town and it's certainly one of the most important in recent years in fedex field with so much at stake. >> the university of virginia they introduced their new head football coach, that's brocko mendenhall and he had the second most wins in byu history including six bowl victories and mendenhall laid out his plan for the cavaliers program. >> the cop will not be in my office and i won't be sleeping there, but when i am there i'll be working fiercely and efficiently to help this program and the student athletes in my care achieved their goals and success, and i want to be a great dad and a great father and a great husband and a teacher and a great football coach at the same time. that's what i'm aspiring to be. >> and it was brocko mendenhall and cowboys have been split
6:58 pm
right down the middle 8 and 8 right down the middle 8 and 8 and let's hope number
6:59 pm
depends on who's in the sidecar. it's pretty comfortable in there. let's go for a ride. alright. ♪ definitely misread this one. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. swing and a miss!
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there are late developments from california tonight. a chilling trail of terror from the moment a pair of cold-blooded killers enter the countr nbc news has learned inside details about syed farook's hours at the gun range days before committing mass murder. for the first time we're hearing from survivors who were in the room when the killers burst through the doors. also tonight, the feds move in. chicago police under the microscope as video is released of another deadly police shooting caught on camera. and cancer break-through. as jimmy carter says, his ca


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